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K3bAudioDoc Class Reference

#include <k3baudiodoc.h>

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Detailed Description

Document class for an audio project.
Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 47 of file k3baudiodoc.h.

Public Types

enum  DocType {

Public Slots

void addTrack (K3bAudioTrack *track, uint position=0)
void addTrack (const KURL &, uint)
void addTracks (const KURL::List &, uint)
virtual void addUrl (const KURL &url)
void addUrls (const KURL::List &)
void moveTrack (const K3bAudioTrack *track, const K3bAudioTrack *after)
void removeCorruptTracks ()
void removeTrack (K3bAudioTrack *)
void setArranger (const QString &v)
void setArtist (const QString &v)
void setBurner (K3bCdDevice::CdDevice *dev)
void setBurnproof (bool b)
void setCdTextMessage (const QString &v)
void setComposer (const QString &v)
void setDisc_id (const QString &v)
void setDummy (bool d)
void setHideFirstTrack (bool b)
void setNormalize (bool b)
void setOnlyCreateImages (bool b)
void setOnTheFly (bool b)
void setOverburn (bool b)
void setPadding (bool p)
void setRemoveImages (bool b)
void setSongwriter (const QString &v)
void setSpeed (int speed)
void setTempDir (const QString &dir)
void setTitle (const QString &v)
void setUpc_ean (const QString &v)
void setWritingMode (int m)
virtual void slotBurn ()
virtual void slotProperties ()
void writeCdText (bool b)


void changed ()
void newTracks ()
void trackRemoved (K3bAudioTrack *)

Public Member Functions

virtual KActionCollection * actionCollection () const
const QString & arranger () const
const QString & artist () const
K3bAudioTrackat (uint i)
K3bCdDevice::CdDevice * burner () const
bool burnproof () const
bool cdText () const
const QString & cdTextMessage () const
const QString & composer () const
K3bView * createView (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
K3bAudioTrackcurrent () const
const QString & disc_id () const
virtual int docType () const
bool dummy () const
K3bAudioTrackfirst ()
bool hideFirstTrack () const
virtual bool isModified () const
 K3bAudioDoc (QObject *)
K3b::Msf length () const
K3bBurnJob * newBurnJob ()
bool newDocument ()
K3bAudioTracknext ()
bool normalize () const
int numberOfTracks () const
int numOfTracks () const
bool onlyCreateImages () const
bool onTheFly () const
bool overburn () const
bool padding () const
K3bAudioTrackprev ()
bool removeImages () const
bool saved () const
bool saveDocument (const KURL &url)
void setModified (bool m=true)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
void setWritingApp (int a)
KIO::filesize_t size () const
const QString & songwriter () const
int speed () const
K3bAudioTracktake (uint i)
const QString & tempDir () const
const QString & title () const
const QPtrList< K3bAudioTrack > * tracks () const
const QString & upc_ean () const
const KURL & URL () const
K3bView * view () const
int writingApp () const
int writingMode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static K3bDocopenDocument (const KURL &url)

Protected Slots

void slotDetermineTrackStatus ()
void slotTrackChanged ()
void slotWorkUrlQueue ()

Protected Member Functions

QString documentType () const
unsigned long isWaveFile (const KURL &url)
void loadDefaultSettings (KConfig *)
bool loadDocumentData (QDomElement *)
K3bProjectBurnDialognewBurnDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
K3bView * newView (QWidget *parent)
bool readGeneralDocumentData (const QDomElement &)
bool saveDocumentData (QDomElement *)
bool saveGeneralDocumentData (QDomElement *)

Protected Attributes

int m_docType

Private Member Functions

K3bAudioTrackcreateTrack (const KURL &url)
void informAboutNotFoundFiles ()
bool readM3uFile (const KURL &, int)

Private Attributes

uint lastAddedPosition
bool m_cdText
QString m_cdTextArranger
QString m_cdTextArtist
QString m_cdTextComposer
K3bCdDevice::AlbumCdText m_cdTextData
QString m_cdTextDisc_id
QString m_cdTextMessage
QString m_cdTextSongwriter
QString m_cdTextTitle
QString m_cdTextUpc_Ean
bool m_hideFirstTrack
bool m_normalize
QStringList m_notFoundFiles
bool m_padding
QPtrList< K3bAudioTrack > * m_tracks
AudioTrackStatusThread * m_trackStatusThread
QStringList m_unknownFileFormatFiles
QTimer * m_urlAddingTimer
bool testFiles
QPtrQueue< PrivateUrlToAdd > urlsToAdd


class K3bMixedDoc


class  AudioTrackStatusThread
class  PrivateUrlToAdd

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