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K3bDataDoc Class Reference

#include <k3bdatadoc.h>

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Detailed Description

Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 59 of file k3bdatadoc.h.

Public Types

enum  DocType {
enum  mutiSessionModes { NONE, START, CONTINUE, FINISH }

Public Slots

virtual void addUrl (const KURL &url)
virtual void addUrls (const KURL::List &urls)
void clearImportedSession ()
void importSession (K3bCdDevice::CdDevice *)
virtual void loadDefaultSettings (KConfig *)
void setBurner (K3bCdDevice::CdDevice *dev)
void setBurnproof (bool b)
void setDummy (bool d)
void setOnlyCreateImages (bool b)
void setOnTheFly (bool b)
void setOverburn (bool b)
void setRemoveImages (bool b)
void setSpeed (int speed)
void setTempDir (const QString &dir)
void setWritingMode (int m)
void slotAddUrlsToDir (const KURL::List &, K3bDirItem *dir=0)
void slotBurn ()
virtual void slotProperties ()


void changed ()
void itemRemoved (K3bDataItem *)
void newFileItems ()

Public Member Functions

virtual KActionCollection * actionCollection () const
K3bDirItemaddEmptyDir (const QString &name, K3bDirItem *parent)
K3bDataItembootCataloge ()
K3bDirItembootImageDir ()
const QPtrList< K3bBootItem > & bootImages ()
K3bCdDevice::CdDevice * burner () const
virtual KIO::filesize_t burningSize () const
bool burnproof () const
K3bBootItem * createBootItem (const QString &filename, K3bDirItem *bootDir=0)
K3bView * createView (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int dataMode () const
virtual int docType () const
bool dummy () const
virtual bool isModified () const
K3bIsoOptions & isoOptions ()
 K3bDataDoc (QObject *parent=0)
virtual K3b::Msf length () const
void moveItem (K3bDataItem *item, K3bDirItem *newParent)
void moveItems (QPtrList< K3bDataItem > itemList, K3bDirItem *newParent)
int multiSessionMode () const
const QString & name () const
bool needToCutFilenames () const
virtual K3bBurnJob * newBurnJob ()
virtual bool newDocument ()
virtual int numOfTracks () const
bool onlyCreateImages () const
bool onTheFly () const
bool overburn () const
void prepareFilenames ()
void removeBootItem (K3bBootItem *)
bool removeImages () const
void removeItem (K3bDataItem *item)
K3bRootItem * root () const
bool saved () const
bool saveDocument (const KURL &url)
void setDataMode (int m)
void setModified (bool m=true)
void setMultiSessionMode (int mode)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
void setVerifyData (bool b)
void setWritingApp (int a)
virtual KIO::filesize_t size () const
K3bFileCompilationSizeHandlersizeHandler () const
int speed () const
const QString & tempDir () const
QString treatWhitespace (const QString &)
const KURL & URL () const
bool verifyData () const
K3bView * view () const
int writingApp () const
int writingMode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool nameAlreadyInDir (const QString &, K3bDirItem *)
static K3bDocopenDocument (const KURL &url)

Protected Member Functions

virtual QString documentType () const
virtual bool loadDocumentData (QDomElement *root)
bool loadDocumentDataHeader (QDomElement optionsElem)
bool loadDocumentDataOptions (QDomElement optionsElem)
virtual K3bProjectBurnDialognewBurnDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
virtual K3bView * newView (QWidget *parent)
bool readGeneralDocumentData (const QDomElement &)
virtual bool saveDocumentData (QDomElement *)
void saveDocumentDataHeader (QDomElement &headerElem)
void saveDocumentDataOptions (QDomElement &optionsElem)
bool saveGeneralDocumentData (QDomElement *)

Protected Attributes

int m_docType
KIO::filesize_t m_oldSessionSize

Private Slots

void slotAddQueuedItems ()
void slotTocRead (K3bCdDevice::DeviceHandler *dh)

Private Member Functions

K3bDataItemcreateBootCatalogeItem (K3bDirItem *bootDir)
K3bDirItemcreateDirItem (QFileInfo &f, K3bDirItem *parent)
K3bFileItemcreateFileItem (QFileInfo &f, K3bDirItem *parent)
void createSessionImportItems (const K3bIso9660Directory *, K3bDirItem *parent)
void informAboutNotFoundFiles ()
bool loadDataItem (QDomElement &e, K3bDirItem *parent)
void prepareFilenamesInDir (K3bDirItem *dir)
void saveDataItem (K3bDataItem *item, QDomDocument *doc, QDomElement *parent)

Private Attributes

bool m_bExistingItemsIgnoreAll
bool m_bExistingItemsReplaceAll
QPtrList< K3bBootItem > m_bootImages
int m_dataMode
K3bIsoOptions m_isoOptions
int m_multisessionMode
QString m_name
bool m_needToCutFilenames
QStringList m_noPermissionFiles
QStringList m_notFoundFiles
int m_numberAddedItems
QPtrList< K3bDataItemm_oldSession
QPtrList< PrivateItemToAdd > m_queuedToAddItems
QTimer * m_queuedToAddItemsTimer
K3bRootItem * m_root
KIO::filesize_t m_size
bool m_verifyData


class K3bMixedDoc


class  PrivateItemToAdd

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