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K3bMainWindow Class Reference

#include <k3b.h>

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Detailed Description

The base class for K3b application windows. It sets up the main window and reads the config file as well as providing a menubar, toolbar and statusbar. In initView(), your main view is created as the MDI child window manager. Child windows are created in createClient(), which gets a document instance as it's document to display whereby one document can have several views.The MDI child is an instance of K3bView, the document an instance of K3bDoc. K3bMainWindow reimplements the methods that KDockMainWindow provides for main window handling and supports full session management as well as keyboard accelerator configuration by using KAccel.
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Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 82 of file k3b.h.

Public Slots

void addUrls (const KURL::List &urls)
void slotBlankCdrw ()
void slotCdCopy ()
void slotCheckSystem ()
void slotClearProject ()
void slotConfigureKeys ()
void slotDivxEncoding ()
void slotDvdCopy ()
void slotErrorMessage (const QString &)
void slotFormatDvd ()
void slotK3bSetup ()
K3bDocslotNewAudioDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewDataDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewDvdDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewMixedDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewMovixDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewMovixDvdDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewVcdDoc ()
K3bDocslotNewVideoDvdDoc ()
void slotShowTips ()
void slotViewAudioPlayer ()
void slotWarningMessage (const QString &)
void slotWriteCdImage (const KURL &url)
void slotWriteCdImage ()
void slotWriteDvdIsoImage ()


void configChanged (KConfig *c)
void initializationInfo (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

K3bDocactiveDoc () const
K3bView * activeView () const
K3bAudioPlayeraudioPlayer () const
KConfig * config () const
K3bProjectInterfacedcopInterface (K3bDoc *doc)
K3bCdDevice::DeviceManager * deviceManager () const
bool eject ()
K3bExternalBinManager * externalBinManager () const
void initView ()
 K3bMainWindow ()
K3bDirViewmainWindow () const
K3bDocopenDocument (const KURL &url=KURL())
const QPtrList< K3bDoc > & projects () const
void showOptionDialog (int=0)
KSystemTray * systemTray () const

Protected Member Functions

bool canCloseDocument (K3bDoc *)
void createClient (K3bDoc *doc)
void initializeNewDoc (K3bDoc *doc)
virtual bool queryClose ()
virtual bool queryExit ()
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *_cfg)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *_cfg)
virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *e)

Private Slots

void endBusy ()
void setProjectsHidable (bool)
void showBusyInfo (const QString &str)
void slotAudioPlayerHidden ()
void slotCheckDockWidgetStatus ()
void slotContentsDockHidden ()
void slotCurrentDocChanged ()
void slotDataClearImportedSession ()
void slotDataImportSession ()
void slotDirTreeDockHidden ()
void slotEditBootImages ()
void slotEditToolbars ()
void slotFileClose ()
void slotFileOpen ()
void slotFileOpenRecent (const KURL &url)
void slotFileQuit ()
void slotFileSave ()
void slotFileSaveAs ()
void slotNewToolBarConfig ()
void slotProjectAddFiles ()
void slotProjectDockHidden ()
void slotSettingsConfigure ()
void slotShowContentsView ()
void slotShowDirTreeView ()
void slotShowProjectView ()
void slotStatusMsg (const QString &text)
void slotThemeChanged ()
void slotViewDocumentHeader ()
void slotViewStatusBar ()

Private Member Functions

void closeProject (K3bDoc *)
void fileSave (K3bDoc *doc=0)
void fileSaveAs (K3bDoc *doc=0)
void initActions ()
void initStatusBar ()
void readOptions ()
void saveOptions ()

Private Attributes

KAction * actionCdCopy
KAction * actionDataClearImportedSession
KAction * actionDataEditBootImages
KAction * actionDataImportSession
KAction * actionFileBurn
KAction * actionFileClose
KAction * actionFileNewAudio
KAction * actionFileNewData
KAction * actionFileNewDvd
KActionMenu * actionFileNewMenu
KAction * actionFileNewMixed
KAction * actionFileNewMovix
KAction * actionFileNewMovixDvd
KAction * actionFileNewVcd
KAction * actionFileNewVideoDvd
KAction * actionFileOpen
KRecentFilesAction * actionFileOpenRecent
KAction * actionFileQuit
KAction * actionFileSave
KAction * actionFileSaveAs
KAction * actionProjectAddFiles
KAction * actionSettingsConfigure
KAction * actionSettingsK3bSetup
KAction * actionToolsBlankCdrw
KAction * actionToolsDivxEncoding
KAction * actionToolsWriteCdImage
KToggleAction * actionViewAudioPlayer
KToggleAction * actionViewContentsView
KToggleAction * actionViewDirTreeView
KToggleAction * actionViewDocumentHeader
KToggleAction * actionViewProjectView
KToggleAction * actionViewStatusBar
Private * d
KDockWidget * m_audioPlayerDock
int m_audioUntitledCount
KConfig * m_config
KDockWidget * m_contentsDock
QPtrList< KAction > m_dataProjectActions
int m_dataUntitledCount
KDockWidget * m_dirTreeDock
QWidget * m_documentHeader
int m_dvdUntitledCount
bool m_initialized
int m_mixedUntitledCount
int m_movixDvdUntitledCount
int m_movixUntitledCount
K3bStatusBarManager * m_statusBarManager
KSystemTray * m_systemTray
int m_vcdUntitledCount
int m_videoDvdUntitledCount
KDockWidget * mainDock


class  Private

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